Patriots will fly 76 vaccinated healthcare workers to Super Bowl


The Patriots will have an important presence at the Super Bowl, after all.

The team has announced that 76 vaccinated healthcare workers will be flown to Tampa on the official Patriots plane.

“Last April, when our plane returned with masks from China, we never could have imagined the devastation this pandemic would cause, nor could we have dreamed of the heroic stories and achievements that have come to be as a result, especially the dedication of healthcare workers on the front lines and the creation of safe and effective vaccines,” Patriots owner Robert Kraft said in a statement.

“Ten months later, it’s an honor for us to celebrate these healthcare workers by giving them a well-deserved break for a day and an opportunity to enjoy the Super Bowl, a reality that is only made possible because of the vaccines. We hope that in doing so, others are also encouraged to get vaccinated as they are able. Once again, we want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts to all of the healthcare heroes who have risked their well-being to ensure ours. They are truly superheroes to us.”

The same-day trip begins with a flight from Boston on Sunday, a visit to a tailgate concert, attendance at the game, and a return to Boston. The 76 guests of the Patriots will have two-night stays at one of the hotels at Patriot Place.

In April, the Patriots used their plane to bring 1.2 million N95 masks from China, at a time when there was a critical shortage in America of that specific type of protection.